Drinking or Ethyl Alcohol Impacts Each One OF Us Differently According To Our Differing Physiological And Pyschological Composition

Although alcohol impacts each person differently, habitually consuming alcohol excessively is very likely to create troubles in both the long and short term.

The effects of alcohol are dependent on a variety of factors, involving:


Amount of fat or muscle


Age Other types of medicines and substances in the system

Various other chemicals in your drinks

How quick you consume alcohol

The quantity of food in your belly

Alcohol consumption history

Tolerance to Ethyl alcohol

Personal well being

Mental condition and psychological condition.

Short-term consequences

Alcohol poisoning, coma and death Memory loss

Blurred vision



Flushed look


Injuries connected with slips, mishaps, violence and willful self-harm

Intense mental states (aggressiveness, elation, anxiety).

Lack of co-ordination.

Lack of inhibitions and an inaccurate feeling of self-confidence.

Motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

Queasiness and vomiting.

Lowered attention.

Sluggish reflexive responses.

Slurred speech.

Chronic consequences.

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol related brain trauma.

Quit Drinking on Your Own

Many forms of cancers (encompassing cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, gullet, bowel (in males) and breast (in women).

Cirrhosis and liver diseases.

Focusing and long-term memory issues.

Heart and cerebrovascular diseases including high blood pressure and stroke.

Insufficient health and nutrition.

Issues with the nerves of the arms and legs.

Sexual and reproductive problems (impotence, fertility).

Skin conditions.

Stomach grievances and issues.

Household and relationship issues.

Inferior work productivity.

Juridical and monetary strains.


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